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Creating personas on behalf of a sports and entertainment venue

Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Business Problem

Confronted with declining attendance at sporting events, the Ottawa Sports Entertainment Group (OSEG) has sought to diversify the attractions it features at TD Place Stadium.


The challenge is to broaden the offering to appeal to new and emerging audiences without alienating the core audience of sports fans; in other words, how to find the common denominators likely to attract both new and current audiences.



To meet the objectives, a 15-minute survey was conducted among n=1001 adult residents of the National Capital Region. Factor and segmentation analyses were then conducted on the results in order to identify motivating (and de-motivating) factors in the relationship that park visitors have when interacting with the facility in-person or online. 


The segmentation analysis identified six distinct personas within the market. In particular, the research identified two potential growth audiences, the Persuadables and the Omnivores, who are fans of both sporting and cultural events and who frequently attend both types of events.


Within both audiences were significant proportions of women, young people and ethnic minorities, each representing a coveted audience for expanded park attendance. The research also found that both potential growth audiences were more likely to be early and avid adopters of online interactions with businesses including sports and concert venues. 



The research provides a template for audience retention and expansion efforts as COVID restrictions ease. 

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