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Quantitative and qualitative research on behalf of IRCC

Attitudes towards Immigration

I directed quantitative and qualitative research on behalf of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to investigate the following issues:


  • Perceptions of the numbers of immigrants coming to Canada;

  • The impact of immigration on Canada;

  • Canada’s immigration system and priorities;

  • The settlement and integration of immigrants; and

  • Potential messages from the Government of Canada about immigration


The quantitative research involved a 20-minute survey amongst n=2,500 Canadian adults. The qualitative research consisted of 14 in-person focus groups conducted nationwide. 

Immigration concept image. Residence per

A regression analysis, factor analysis and segmentation analysis were performed on the data, with the results helping to clarify public priorities and identify crucial target audiences based on their attitudes towards immigration. 


The findings were shared throughout the Department and informed policies and communications products and strategies and planning programs and services.


The report may be found here.  

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