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Alexandra Evershed

Partner, Prospectus Associates


Will and I worked together at Ipsos.


He is a highly skilled and respected public affairs researcher (quant and qual) and a gifted writer. He helps clients figure what information they need to advance their objectives and the best and most cost-effective way to get to the answers.


His research reports are a joy — well-written and succinct. And, because he takes the time to immerse himself in his clients’ business, he is able to translate research findings into strategic insights and actionable recommendations. 

Sanela Dursun

Director, Research Personnel  and Family Support at Department of Defence

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I had the pleasure of working with Will over the course of a multi-year study designed to understand how to encourage members of visible minority communities to consider a career in the Canadian Armed Forces... Throughout the process, Will was able to provide innovative and insightful solutions that helped shape our understanding in an area vital to the future of the Canadian Armed Forces. He was very professional, conscientious, and collaborative, and always made himself available to discuss any issues or concerns that we had, which are inherent in such large research projects.


Will was excellent in respecting the deadlines established for every aspect of the study, and maintained an open communication system through which he kept us up-to-date as the study progressed. I found him to be very knowledgeable about the kind of research that we conduct so that he was able to offer various perspectives on eliciting the kind of data that would be effective in developing new strategies to encourage visible minorities to join the Canadian Armed Forces. The reports that he generated are well written and of very high quality. I believe Mr. Daley would be a very valuable asset to any organization where he is given the opportunity to make a contribution through his knowledge, expertise, and commitment. 

Kevin Chappell

Manager, Public Opinion Research and Consultations at Global Affairs Canada

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I am the Manager of Public Opinion Research and Consultations at Global Affairs Canada and have been a client of Will Daley for over 15 years.


Mr. Daley was the lead investigator on many quantitative and qualitative studies commissioned by the department. Mr. Daley provided the department with sterling service over the entire period.


He is client focused, delivers on time and maintains a commendable standard of excellence in his work. As a market researcher and Vice President, both he and his team produced work that met or exceeded our expectations time after time. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organization. He will be a credit to whomever he works for. 

Krystelle Bilodeau

Director, Payment and Settlement Operations at the

Bank of Canada

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I had the pleasure of having Will on our account for several years.


Will provided valuable input into research design and methodology and always delivered insightful information that helped us understand our audiences and shaped our program approaches.


Will is passionate about his work and always flexible to ensure his clients get the outcomes they are looking for. I consider Will a trusted advisor in the areas of public opinion research.

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